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Your business is growing (yes!!!) and you're ready to hire your first employee--what next? Check out this recent blog post from the EDC-VC and learn the basics to hiring your first employee. #venturacountygrowsbusiness #venturacounty | 805-522-6556
Your small business is taking off and you're ready to hire some help. Learning how to craft the right job description, understanding the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees and managing
Would you like to increase productivity by 13 percent, creativity by 33 percent, and happiness by 25 percent? (And who wouldn't?!) One company did--and in one simple way. Could it work for your company? #venturacountygrowsbusiness #venturacounty | 805-522-6556
Here's the policy one company tried for seven weeks. It worked. Really, really well.

About Ventura County Grows Business

Ventura County Grows Business is a collaborative effort with county and city economic development managers and the Workforce Development Board. These stakeholders are working together to provide services and support that businesses need to thrive. Ventura County has great business and government organizations that make local business retention and expansion their top priority. The Economic Development Collaborative –Ventura County, the Small Business Development Center, and the American Job Centers in Ventura County are just a few that offer no-cost and low-cost professional services to support business growth.

Ventura County's ten key cities are Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Thousand Oaks, Santa Paula, Simi Valley and Ventura. Each of these cities is attractive to businesses in its own way. The ability to locate a business in an area where employees can function with less stress, enjoy a higher standard of living, reduce commute times, and yet has all the business tools and resources to excel professionally can be an enormous strategic advantage for any business. Also, businesses have access to an array of industrial, warehouse, retail, agricultural and commercial business space available for lease, rent or purchase.

Whether starting a business, expanding a business or relocating a business, the advantages of this remarkable county are unmatched.

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