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Do you know that Ventura County is a great place to grow your healthcare and/or biotech business? Have you seen these local success stories? And if you haven't read this article (Panelists discuss future of Ventura County's biotechnology industry), it's certainly worth a read. Please let us know if you have any questions, we're here for you. #venturacountygrowsbusiness #venturacounty #biotech #healthcare | 805-522-6556 Photo: chuttersnap on Unsplash
Ventura County offers the highest quality healthcare and business infrastructure for the biotech industry.
Most of us have seen THIS before. Let it be a reminder to take care of all those little tech things that could easily turn into BIG tech things--both at home and at work. Check out this great list of items to tackle--whether you have 5 minutes, or fifty. #venturacountygrowsbusiness #venturacounty #tech #updates | 805-522-6556
Like your car, or your kitchen, your tech devices will run best when they’re maintained properly—and that means finding time to do all those low-level maintenance tasks that aren’t much fun, but

About Ventura County Grows Business

Ventura County Grows Business is a collaborative effort with county and city economic development managers and the Workforce Development Board. These stakeholders are working together to provide services and support that businesses need to thrive. Ventura County has great business and government organizations that make local business retention and expansion their top priority. The Economic Development Collaborative –Ventura County, the Small Business Development Center, and the American Job Centers in Ventura County are just a few that offer no-cost and low-cost professional services to support business growth.

Ventura County's ten key cities are Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Thousand Oaks, Santa Paula, Simi Valley and Ventura. Each of these cities is attractive to businesses in its own way. The ability to locate a business in an area where employees can function with less stress, enjoy a higher standard of living, reduce commute times, and yet has all the business tools and resources to excel professionally can be an enormous strategic advantage for any business. Also, businesses have access to an array of industrial, warehouse, retail, agricultural and commercial business space available for lease, rent or purchase.

Whether starting a business, expanding a business or relocating a business, the advantages of this remarkable county are unmatched.

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