Ventura, CA

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Online Business Databases: City of Camarillo Library

Additional business databases are accessible through the City of Camarillo Public Library and its Russell Fischer Business Collection (RFBC).  The RFBC offers many great resources that local entrepreneurs and startups will find very useful. You only need to apply for a City of Camarillo library card, which is free and available to both Camarillo residents and non-residents, click here to apply.

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Business Services in Ventura County

Agnew Multilingual

Agnew MultilingualView Video

“During the dot-com collapse era, we were going through some very rough times and we reached out to EDC-VC for help, and they were able to give us a loan that allowed us to gradually recover and go on from there. All businesses can reach out and attend their seminars and get free help if they just bother to contact them. There’s a lot of help available to small businesses and I highly recommend that they use all of the resources that EDC-VC provides. We’re extremely grateful to EDC-VC for all of the help that they gave us.”

-Irene Agnew, President

Founded in 1986

Located in Westlake Village

Business Focus: A provider of foreign-language translation, interpretation, and multicultural communication services.


VSolvit, LLC

VSolvit, LLCView Video

“In spite of high unemployment rates, the challenge as a business has always been to find good, talented individuals who really have the same passion about serving customers as we do. The resources programs that we got exposed to were incredibly helpful in not only identifying the right talent but also continuing to nourish that talent through educational and training programs. The program gives small businesses an opportunity to say, ‘Instead of outsourcing jobs, I’m going to give the opportunity to our local community individuals.’ We have had tremendous success from an employee standpoint with those that have come through as part of this program. Ventura County has been particularly helpful in terms of being able to attract talent.”

–   Ashish Shah, COO

Founded in 2006

Located in Ventura

Business Focus: A technology services provider that specializes in geographic information systems (GIS), business intelligence (BI) systems, and more.