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Online Business Databases: Ventura County Library, City of Camarillo Library and the City of Simi Valley Library

Your library card id number is all you need to gain access to many useful databases. To apply for a Ventura County Library card, click here. To apply for a City of Camarillo library card, click here. To apply for a City of Simi Valley library card, click here. Links include:

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Green Business Ventura County

Conejo Awards

Conejo AwardsView Video

Tammie Helmuth the CEO of Conejo Awards is here to share how Conejo Awards embraces clean green business practices. A simple and low-cost practice was to replace printers with bulk ink systems and eliminate cartridges. Another was to take advantage of direct install with Edison, retrofitting their lighting system with one that lasts for years and is warranteed the entire time. They recycle all materials and utilize recycled materials in their products. Employees are also a big part of green practices at this business: they must be highly computer literate as paper processes like invoicing have been eliminated. When gains in efficiency are made, the company profits.

-Tammie Helmuth, CEO, Conejo Awards

Located in Thousand Oaks

Green Business Focus: Sustainable green practices.


Ventura Beach Marriott

Ventura Beach MarriottView Video

"I'm Mike Gerber, the chief engineer at the Ventura Beach Marriott. The conservation methods we use at the hotel include an HVAC coil system that utilizes heat pumps and a chiller; rooms are cooled or heated by air passing over a coil. Individual thermostats enable each room to be pre-cooled or pre-heated also for lights to turn off when guests leave the room. We also utilize energy-efficient LED lighting. Outside we have few grassy areas, drought-resistant/tolerant plants, and decomposed granite as ground cover. Every new employee receives training in our clean/green methods. Marriott recognizes that its customers feel good about staying at an eco-friendly hotel."

-Mike Gerber, Chief Engineer, Ventura Beach Marriott

Located in Ventura

Green Business Focus: Sustainable green practices.


Himalaya, Cuisine of Nepal, India, and Tibet

Himilaya CuisineView Video

"We are here to talk about the sustainable part of our business, and we are so proud of it! When you hear about sustainability you often think about really big things like solar, that can take a long time to realize the savings, but it can also mean small things like changing all of your light bulbs where there is a one-time cost, but you can recoup that in 3 or 4 months. It's also about using recyclable materials. We originally used styrofoam containers but found that even a small business like ours used upwards of 800 a week, we took a step back and realized that if other small businesses like ours did the same, well that's a lot of landfill!"

-Anup Rimal, Owner/Founder

Founded in 2012

Located in Ventura & Thousand Oaks

Green Business Focus: Sustainable green practices.


Remediation Service, Int’l

Remediation Service, Int&rsquo:lView Video

“Ventura County has been a great place to live and a great place to have our business – our employees are from Ventura County. We found out Ventura County offered services such as introducing us into foreign markets and networking with other local businesses. Because of their help we were introduced to capital and had the opportunity to get venture capitalists to join us. The quality of the SBDC service has been excellent. However, the most important part is that it doesn’t cost us anything. Today, Ventura County helps us grow our business and it’s free.”

-Mike Joy, President

Founded in 1989

Located in Ventura

Green Business Focus: Manufactures systems for air pollution control by using an internal combustion engine to generate power to do something useful.