Ventura, CA

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Healthcare and Biotech in Ventura County


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“Ventura County offers an outdoor lifestyle that I think is unmatched in California as well as healthcare and business amenities for people who want to start biotech companies. In southern California you want to be in the coastal zone, and for being in that zone, this is the lowest cost for both doing business and living, including lower heating and cooling expenses. We have the benefit of an uncongested rural feeling while being adjacent to one of the one of largest industrial economies in the world.”

-Bill Pratt, VP Operations, Director of Creative Design

Founded: 1987

Located in Camarillo, Ventura County since: 1987

Biotech Business Focus: Design and manufacture of orthopedics and neurosurgery implantables and instruments for the Healthcare industry.


PBS Biotech

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“I was pleasantly surprised when I found that there were services available that were very low cost or free. First, through the EDC we were able to get a small startup loan and were able to access their support in terms of any resources, international trading practices, and any other needs. In Ventura County/the 101 Corridor we are a part of an initiative to grow the biotech business in this area. It has been very cooperative and we were able to benefit from those kinds of initiatives. We are also working closer with the EDC and local manufacturing community by getting together and learning about local resources. They were willing to help us a great deal.”

-Brian Lee, President

Founded in 2006

Located in Camarillo

Biotech Business Focus: Designs and manufactures fully scalable and easy to use single-use bioreactors used by global biotechnology organizations in the Healthcare industry.


Simi Valley Hospital

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“At Simi Valley Hospital we find we have long term employees due in large part to the high quality of life residents enjoy here. We have access to the amenities offered from being close to Los Angeles but with the comfort of a suburb with hidden jewels like fantastic healthcare, parks and recreation, a high quality educational system, and a low crime rate. We have a saying that we are ‘friends and neighbors treating friends and neighbors.”

-Michelle Foster, Director, Marketing & Communications

Founded: 1965

Located in Simi Valley, Ventura County since: 1965

Healthcare Business Focus: As a faith-based hospital founded on the health and wellness principles of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.