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Online Business Databases: City of Camarillo Library

Additional business databases are accessible through the City of Camarillo Public Library and its Russell Fischer Business Collection (RFBC).  The RFBC offers many great resources that local entrepreneurs and startups will find very useful. You only need to apply for a City of Camarillo library card, which is free and available to both Camarillo residents and non-residents, click here to apply.

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Manufacturing Consulting Services Ventura County

AG Machining

AG MachiningView Video

 “We came to Ventura County, we talked to the city, and they found this building for us. We had the idea to build this new paint system. At that time, it was going to take about 2 years to get this work done, to build a new gas line through the street. We went to the city and to Ventura County and somehow they got the right person to make the right call up in Sacramento, and the 2 year work got done in 3 months. They did a wonderful job. Ventura County has been a powerful partner for AG Machining.”

-Angel Garcia, President

Founded in 1999

Located in Moorpark

Business Focus: Precision metal fabrication through a variety of methods, as well as powder coating to protect parts.


Jet Air Technologies

Jet Air TechnologiesView Video

 “Ventura County has a fantastic workforce and a fantastic vendor chain for us. We needed help understanding how to structure international deals, and in looking into what countries to go after. We spoke to a consultant from one of the WDB’s groups that helped us out tremendously teaching us how to think about international business and how to protect our investment. Now, roughly 45% of what we do is international. EDC-VC came through with a $200,000 loan which gave us the financial energy we needed to expand. They were focused on helping us grow, and helping us hire more people in Ventura County. It still is a fantastic relationship.”

-Kevin Beyer, Owner, VP Business Development

Founded in 2002

Located in Ventura

Business Focus: Produces the most advanced high-speed centrifugal blower systems available for the beverage and food industry.


Trupart Manufacturing

Trupart ManufacturingView Video

 “My lead production person was trained with the assistance of the WDB, and he’s now my shop foreman. We can’t make these high-tolerant parts without good people. Being able to get a loan to acquire a new laser machine which allows us to produce parts faster and more efficiently was huge. I’ve had hands-on consulting on how to represent my company when I’m doing sales, cost estimating, keeping the shop lean and green, making sure that we have the right amount of inventory, and keeping our cash flow tight. Working with the WDB has been an amazing resource. We look forward to using many more of their resources in the future as well.”

-Shane Prukop, CEO

Founded in 2003

Located in Ventura

Business Focus: Provides diversified services in the development and production of abrasive waterjet cutting, water only cutting, stampings, and springs.