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Useful Tools

Online Business Databases: City of Camarillo Library

Additional business databases are accessible through the City of Camarillo Public Library and its Russell Fischer Business Collection (RFBC).  The RFBC offers many great resources that local entrepreneurs and startups will find very useful. You only need to apply for a City of Camarillo library card, which is free and available to both Camarillo residents and non-residents, click here to apply.

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Employee Training Services Ventura County

Employee Training Services

Partners of Ventura County Grows Business offer on the job training services throughout Ventura County. These services include customized on-site training and reimbursement for employee training (both current and new). Our partners seek to assist businesses of all types in ensuring that their employees have received the proper training they need to maintain a competitive edge.

America's Job Center of California

  • On-the-Job Training: Customized on-site training
    • Employer reimbursement for employee training (both new and current)
    • Up to 50% of gross wages
    • Success through job training and coaching
    • On-the-job training at employer sites
    • Customized employee training programs
    • Industry-specific education


Through EDC-VC, a Ventura County Grows Business partner, employers have access to training programs that can be utilized to keep their staff up to date with the knowledge and best practices of their respective industries. With this state of the art training, businesses of all types and sizes can continue to excel in the development of a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

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